Covid-19 update 3rd May 2021

Although gyms, swimming pools etc are allowed to open sadly this does not cover jacuzzis, steam rooms, saunas etc - where by the very nature of the business customers come into close contact with one another.

Safety of customers is top priority to Eagle50, as it is to our staff. We can not operate such facilities and at the same time maintain and guarantee social distancing of 2m is observed by everyone throughout their visit and throughout the building.

Sadly, until advised differently, Eagle50 will remain closed - but we’ll be back the moment it’s safe to do so.

Covid-19 update 29th January 2021

Eagle and Eagle50 are not alone in struggling hard to survive this on-going pandemic - but like many we are determined to ride it out - however long that might be. We, like the Golden Cross, Main Stage, Mary’s and Pulse can’t wait to see things back to normal - whenever that might be.

In the meantime, we all have rent to pay, insurance and many other costs and overheads to meet even though our doors are shut and have been off and on, mainly closed, for almost a year.

The whole world has changed as a result of covid but there is light at the end of the tunnel - one that is getting brighter every day.

However until the day comes, and it will, when we can go out safely, meet friends safely and mix in bars, clubs etc then we have to just sit tight knowing that day is getting ever closer.

The night time economy is important to any city, just as much as shops, offices etc are to the day time economy.

Our venues by and large form an important part of the night time economy - which must be protected at all costs.


A newly-formed cross party nationwide group for the Night Time Economy has launched an inquiry into the devastating impact of Covid-19

This group has an opportunity through a survey to present evidence to parliamentarians in support of the Night Time Economy.

Please try and fill it in - It takes just a few mins of your time and will make a huge difference for the future of late night bars and clubs.

Please use the following link - by clicking on the NITA logo


The Eagle Team