Do I have to be a member?
 You don’t have to be a member, you can just come along and we’ll be happy to welcome you. However, becoming a member is easy, it’s just £3 a year and you’ll benefit from all of the admission price discounts available. It will give you free admission to our sister venue EAGLE BAR on members only nights.

Can I pay by card?

 We now accept all major credit and debit cards, please remember though that our name EAGLE 50 will appear on your statement. Total discretion is only afforded from cash payments.


Will anyone find out I go?
 Our policy is one of utmost discretion. Our friendly and professional team will not ask any intrusive or awkward questions.


Are there age limits?
 You need to be 18 or over to visit Eagle 50 Sauna, we operate a challenge 25 policy at the door, so if you do look under 25 make sure you bring some photo ID with you, we only need to see it and we won't take copies of it, otherwise we may refuse you entry. Acceptable forms of Photo ID are, Passport, Driving Licence or PASS 18+ card


What happens when I get there?
 Our friendly staff will be happy to welcome you and to show you around, so there’s nothing to worry about.


How long am I allowed to stay?
 You may stay as long as you wish on any given visit. We offer a pass out service (same day re-entry), ask for details.


Can I smoke at the Eagle 50 Sauna?
 You cannot smoke or vape inside the building however we do have a private outdoor smoking terrace for your convenience.


What do I need to bring?
 You don’t have to bring anything. Everything is provided for you as part of our service, including towels.


Do I need swimming trunks/shorts?
 Our clients generally prefer just have a towel, however, if you feel more comfortable wearing trunks or shorts that’s fine with us.


Are TV's or is cross dressing allowed?
 In line with most sauna's we expect our customer to change into 'towel only' and place thier clothing in lockers provided for the duration of thier stay.  Our customers prefer everyone to be on a equal standing and wear a towel only.  Some sauna's may allow differently but sorry we do not!


Do I need to wear a towel?
 We generally prefer our clients to utilise the towels, however, we are open minded and we don’t discriminate so feel free to hang out anywhere except public areas such as the cafe!


Are there showers provided?
 We have hot and cold showers and body wash for your convenience which you can use as many times as you like. We do ask you use them before entereing the facilities.


When is the best time to visit?
 Busy times vary from day to day and week to week our opening times are listed on the website for you.


Is there anything that is not acceptable?
 We are very open minded and want our clients to have an enjoyable and fun experience. However, we do have a duty of care for our customers and staff, therefore Eagle 50 Sauna operates a zero tolerance policy on nuisance behaviour. If you break this code you will be asked to leave.


Do you support the THT fast test service?
 Yes we do, watchout in the venue for notices of up and coming dates and times. We also offer THT free safe sex packs and information as part of their free services to the gay community.


 We hope to have answered your questions and eased any concerns you may have about coming to visit us. We are friendly and welcoming and everything is catered for so you have no worries whatsoever.